Like Kermit the Frog once said, ‘It aint easy bein’ green…’ neither is it easy refining the art of Hot Dogging. It takes time and practice. But you’re in this surfin’ thing for the long haul right? So, let time take it’s course.

For now, here’s some tips to take ‘on-board’ when you next paddle out:

Hot Dog

Hot Dog

  1. Don’t drop in! Look to see if you’re going to paddle onto the same wave as someone else;
  2. All clear? Commit to the wave – paddle hard: long, strong, even strokes.
  3. Keep looking UP! See where you want to go.
  4. Feel for the lift, and…
  5. Pop! Jump front foot between your hands, let your back foot trail just behind.
  6. Steady as she goes; keep your centre of gravity low, arms out, front hand pointing where you want to go.
  7. HOT DOG!

Falling off is all part of the experience so remember to wipeout with a smile!

Until next time… MAHALO!